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First step. Hidden earpiece.
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FAQ: hidden earpiece

Q: How do the hidden earpiece and the headset work?

A: The hidden earpiece receives radiowaves, generated by the headset. It transforms them from the mobile phone speech. Detailed information how to connect the particular hidden earpiece and the headset see in the section manuals.

Q: Will the hidden earpiece work with all mobile phones?

A: You can connect any GSM, CDMA, DECT mobile phone that supports Bluetooth communication feature.

Q: What is the hidden earpiece powered by?

A: These hidden earpieces take energy form  LR521 or LR379 batteries, depending on specific model. These can be found in every store or simply ordered here.

Q: What possibilities of payment are supported?

A: You can pay for spy earpiece(earphone) through
- international system PayPal;
- international system MoneyBookers;
- Western Union(WU).

Q: I'm looking forward purchasing this device to pass an exam. Will its usage be legal?

A: No one has right to forbid you to possess and store such devices. Using them for cheating at the exam is the same as cribbing and this isn’t regarded as an offence and isn’t prosecuted. However, such devices can be forbidden by regulations of your educational institution.

Q: Is it invisible to people around?

A: Yes since all the cables can be hidden under clothes.

Q: The hidden earpiece really small. How can I pull it out?

A: The hidden earpiece has invisible transparent thread attached to its case, so there is no problem to pull it out.

Q: How can I make an order?

A: To order the package, click BUY button on the product's page, e.g. for a hidden bluetooth earpiece.

Q: How long will it take to receive the order?

A: Delivery time is approximately 5 working days

Q: How can I get detail about package shipping?

A: We will send you the email notification. It will contain code, which you can use to track shipping process.

Q: I've made the order, but the package still hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

A: You can clear up reasons for this delay in your local postal service. Let them know the id of your package that is mentioned in the email notification or contact us.

Q: Do you provide any warranty for the device?

A: You can send the faulty hidden earpiece to our service. It will be repaired at no charge over the warranty period. Warranty is valid for a limited period.

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